From interviews with industry leaders to trend reports on the latest branded innovation, here is a selection of my work as a staff writer for Contagious magazine between 2012 and 2016.

The majority of my editorial work for Contagious exists behind a paywall, the links here lead to my articles as posted publicly on the Contagious blog. 



Contagious Issue 49, Technology review: Reality Check

Contagious Issue 48, Startup profile: nuTonomy / Feature: Playing to win

Contagious Issue 46, Interview: Jenni Romaniuk / Startup profile: Circle / Feature: Best Face Forward

Contagious Issue 47, Startup profile: Skignz, Eve / Feature: Persil



Contagious Issue 45, Feature: Organic Valley, Spies / Startup profile: Nebia / Opinion: Unnecessary Evil

Contagious Issue 44, Feature: Geico / Feature: Streaming Showdown / Startup profile: One Drop / Strategy Spotlight: Pervasive Pizza

Contagious Issue 43, News / Startup profile: Lisnr

Contagious Issue 42, News / Feature: Mountain Dew / Feature: Bjorn Borg / Startup profile: Lumkani



Contagious Issue 41, News / The Case Study Cash In

Contagious Issue 40, Interview: Isaac Blankensmith

Contagious Issue 39, News / Startup profile: Synqera / Interview: Ritesh Agarwal

Contagious Issue 38, News / Startup profile: Play-i / Interview: Josh Buckley