Patagonia Water Skin

This project focused on rapid concept development, prototyping and manufacturing. In just eight days, our team designed, prototyped and produced a run of nine products for the American outdoor clothing brand, Patagonia. 

The Patagonia Water Skin is a durable, lightweight fabric water bottle featuring integrated activated charcoal filtration and a watertight roll-top seal which clips to a rucksack for easy access. Inspired by traditional leather skin canteens, we worked to update this classic product to reflect the brand values of Patagonia.

Component shot (WEG).jpg

To create the Water Skin, we used a waterproof technical fabric with a single reinforced seam for the body, and cast polyurethane to create the base, which was carefully engineered to accommodate a standard size carbon filter cartridge. In keeping with the brands identity, we added a clothing-style label and a ghosted logo to the base by sandblasting the plastic.

Pattern Cutting 2 (WEB).jpg
Sewing (WEB).jpg
Pattern cutting(WEB).jpg
Assembly (WEB).jpg
Casting (WEB).jpg
Sealing 2 (WEB).jpg
Production line (WEB).jpg

Collaborators: Carolyn Tam, Joe Muller, Matteo Maccario