iDLEWORKS is a fully responsive, personalised workflow tool, designed to help you take effective, pressure-free breaks and reboot your creativity when you need it most. 

idleworks hero.jpg

This solo project started with a exploration into the idea of 'distraction' and its role in the creative process. Through experiments and testing, I found that many 'creatives' working under the pressure of deadlines feel compelled to stay at their desks, even if they don't feel creatively productive. Instead of taking the time to restore their capacity for creative thought, many workers attempt to continue - and inevitably fail. I wanted to explore ways of giving people permission to engage in 'creative idleness'. 

Through testing and prototyping, I found that the system needed to be timely (to avoid interruption) and should funnel people away from over-stimulating breaks (such as checking social media feeds) and instead direct them towards activities that helped to facilitate the mental free play that is so integral for coming up with original solutions.

I explored ways of giving people permission to take time away from the workspace, and found that coercion and awareness were particularly effective. The system is a designed response to my findings.